Pressed Metal Door Frames - WA Only
Better in the long run.

Fielders have a range of quality pressed metal door frames which are manufactured from BHP zincanneal steel. Both standard and architectural frames are manufactured to suit most designer’s requirements and are produced to a high standard to ensure the accuracy of both size and finish.

Fielders Metal Door Frames remain straight and do not twist, shrink or warp and are white-ant proof.
Fielders Pressed Metal Door Frames have a unique stud partition bracket which provides a secure fixing method for both timber and steel studwork. A unique adjustable lock striker is also fitted to allow for fine adjustment for the locking bolt.

Architectual Specifications
Use 1.2mm thick (1.6 if required) ZF100 zincanneal sheet having not less than 100g/sq/m of zinc iron alloy on both surfaces.

Press-bake fold with pencil sharp radii in standard or nominated sections from the Fielders standard profile chart.

If applicable, form sidelights or highlights by boxing appropriate members with suitable cover plates and prepare same to receive snap-in splayed aluminium glazing bead set to thickness of glass or composite panels as nominated.

Weld all joints and grind smooth. Prime both sides of joint with approved metal primer –Specify if a high gloss paint is to be used.
Hinges Slot and conceal weld to back face of frame 1 or 1 1/2 pairs of 100 X 75 general purpose zinc plated loose pin hinges.
Cut out frame for flush mounting hinge and back up with short lengths of 5mm thick M.S. plate drilled and tapped for screw fixing as required.

Lock Striker
Universal stainless steel adjustable striker mounted at 1037mm from floor or nominated height.

Door Closer
Reinforce frame head with 5mm thick M.S. stiffener plates for surface mounting closer arms.

Special Hardware
Prepare frame to receive special hardware such as hinges, lock strikers or closures as nominated under the hardware schedule.

Attach to door frame stop on completion of painting 2 pressure sensitive adhesive backed transparent polyurethane polymer buffers.

Provide necessary ties, straps, brackets or fixing holes to secure frame in appropriate aperture.

Painter to clean down frame, prime ruptured surfaces flush fill any dents and sand smooth. Undercoat and finish to manufacturers’ recommendations and architects approval. Note- standard manufacturer’s tolerances are +2mm-0mm on all dimensions shown.

Standard Door Frames
Standard door frames are supplied ex stock or as requested with welded or knockdown corners complete with one pair zinc plated 100 X 75 hinges and an adjustable stainless steel striker, and building in ties. Extra hinges can be fitted as required.
When Ordering
Points to be noted:
(a) Frame to be normal door width plus 4mm. –Internal measurements
(b) Frame to be normal door height plus 20mm. –Internal measurements
(c) State left or right hand door opening – (door opens towards you)
(d) Back opening – Determined by wall material plus linings i.e. (90 stud + 10mm linings = 112mm back opening).
(e) Building in ties i.e. wires ties 10 per frame, stud brackets for brick veneer 8 per frame etc.
(f) Door thickness to determine rebate size. (Allow door thickness + 3mm).
(g) Number of hinges required and type.
(h) K.D. form if required – K.D. = knock down (unassembled)
(i) Hinges size – welded or screw fix.
(j) Type of lock and model no.: e.g. Lanes M.I.B.